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Heartbreak Picture Viewer

Posted by Lifer on January 29th, 2015 1:17 pm

Heartbreak Picture Viewer

Quickly locate, display and load all of your image files for easy viewing. Visual files may be stored on any hard drive or in any directory.

Hate loading each image into your current viewer? Learn about our convenient “next” and “previous” buttons that allow the user to scroll through the entire directory listing… one picture after the other….

Images may be viewed as filled window, original size (default with scroll) or in a full screen mode. This viewer is a fully functional freeware program without any time or use restrictions.

This viewer has a few features not found on other viewers. Users can really zoom in for close inspections and zoom out to see the greater picture - which is a great way to take advantage of 3000 pixel resolution files.

You may download and use this picture viewer for free.

Approxiamtely 298 kb.

Download your Free Heartbreak Picture Viewer Here

Heartbreak Software’s Picture Viewer Screen Shot:

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