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Very Naughty Video Poker - Marion

Posted by Lifer on January 29th, 2015 11:16 am

Very Naughty Strip Poker - Marion Edition

She said, “My name is Queenie, and I like sex….” With those sweet words, this gorgeous natural redhead started to release her luscious body for all of us to enjoy!

Marion gave herself the nickname “Queenie”. After I saw her video, I have to agree - Her wish is my command!! Especially regarding any personal servitude I might be able to render!!

I know many of you will ask the question… “Why did they make another video poker game when they have two programs already?”

You really have to see the video to fully understand. The truth of the matter is that Marion’s video is one of the most exciting I have seen in a long time.

As with the other strip poker games, this program offers users three levels of play.

The first level allows everyone to enjoy an innocent game of five card draw poker and we threw in a few of the cleaner strip pictures for you to enjoy as part of the clean mode.

The second level of play is in what we call Naughty Mode. Again, the game combines the traditional fun of five card draw poker and our drop dead beautiful sex machine named Marion!!

The last level of play takes place if and when you have $250 in winnings. At that point, you may decide to watch the video of Marion.

The clean mode video is a short introduction by Marion, aka Queenie, and she has a big boobie slip (though you really can’t see anything), as opposed to those tiny nipple slips that are popular in the gossip magazines.

The Naughty Mode video, however, is a completely different story!! Marion first massages her completely nude body and gives herself two orgasms before the video is completed!!

Do you really need another strip poker game?

Without a question!! This sweet redhead will set you on fire!!

Strip means it’s time to take matters into your own hands!!

Naughty mode is restricted to registered users 18 years of age and older.

Approximately 15.0 MB.

Download Very Naughty Strip Poker - Marion Edition - Cumming soon!!

The Password for Very Naughty Strip Poker is also cumming soon!!

Heartbreak Software’s Very Naughty Strip Poker - Marion Edition Screen Shot:

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