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Very Naughty Video Strip Poker - Grace

Posted by Lifer on February 28th, 2015 12:23 pm

Very Naughty Video Strip Poker - Grace Edition

Grace turned 18 years old and decided to challenge all us old timers to a little game of strip poker. We agreed, on the condition that we could take pictures and film the action if she lost.

“What do you mean by ‘Action’?”, she asked. When she learned that we wanted to film her get off in the nude if she lost, a smile slowly crossed her face. I’ll tell you the truth - I don’t know if she lost on purpose or that we cheated very well. But the pictures and video speak for themselves!!

The Very Naughty Video Strip Poker by Heartbreak Software offers users three levels of play.

First, Very Naughty Video Strip Poker allows everyone to enjoy an innocent game of five card draw poker. We threw in a few of the cleaner strip pictures for you to enjoy.

The second level of play is in what we call Naughty Mode. Again, the game combines the traditional fun of five card draw poker, and the sexy beauty of our Birthday Girl - Grace - who, needless to say, lost her bet!!

The last level of play takes place if and when you have $250 in winnings. At that point, you may decide to watch the video of Grace.

The Clean Mode video is thirty seconds and contains no nudity. The Naughty Mode video contains three and a half minutes of Grace masturbating.

Do you really need another video strip poker game?

By all means! Because Grace paid her debt… with interest!!

Strip means take it off… Baby! - But don’t try to cheat!!

Naughty mode is restricted to registered users 18 years of age and older.

Registered Version - Approximately 17.37 MB.

Download Very Naughty Video Strip Poker - Grace Edition Here

Get a Password for Very Naughty Video Strip Poker - Grace Edition Here for only $9.95

Please Note the following:

This program does not require a separate download.

Click the “Get a Password Here” link to purchase a password.

The “Payment Option” says that this is a non-recurring purchase for two (2) days - That means that you will be charged only one time and you will have two days to view the password page.

You will also get the program password in an email message.

If you forgot the program password within two days of your purchase, click the link below and enter the user name and password you choose during the purchase process to see the password page again.

Click here to see the password page again.

Very Naughty Video Strip Poker - Grace Edition Screen Shot:

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