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Naughty Strip Poker - College Edition

Posted by Lifer on January 30th, 2015 4:30 pm

Naughty Strip Poker - College Edition

Heartbreak Software is pleased to announce that The Heartbreak Academy Cheerleading Squad has issued their challenge of a series of Strip Poker Games to all cummers!!

Naughty Strip Poker - College Edition is a little different than previous editions of Naughty Strip Poker Games.

The College Edition of Naughty Strip Poker features a number of super sexy college cheerleaders that are willing to play some very serious strip poker with you.

No difference there… but the College Edition keeps the uniform as a standard theme though out the game.

Plus, each of the players has a lot more images as part of the strip sequence. The strip sequence amounts to 30 - 42 images for each challenge. When you win a hand of Naughty Strip Poker, the cheerleader will either lose an article of clothing or adjust her pose.

Since there are more images to win and these ladies play some serious strip poker, the scoring for winning hands has been increased to ensure that, given enough patience and luck, you will be able to enjoy the strip poker tease from the beginning to end.

The College Edition of Naughty Strip Poker has 7 challenges with a total of 8 Cheerleaders. One of the challenges has two opponents playing together, which is also a new feature.

As we asked before… Do you really need another Naughty Strip Poker game??

Oh yeah!!… No doubt about it… Strip means take it off… Baby!

And don’t try to cheat!!

Naughty mode is restricted to registered users 18 years of age and older.

Program Size - Approximately 12.83 MB

Download Naughty Strip Poker - College Edition Here

Get a Naughty Strip Poker - College Edition Password for only $9.95

Please Note the following:

This program does not require a separate download.

Click the “Get a Password Here” link to purchase a password.

The “Payment Option” says that this is a non-recurring purchase for two (2) days - That means that you will be charged only one time and you will have two days to view the password page.

You will also get the program password in an email message.

If you forgot the program password within two days of your purchase, click the link below and enter the user name and password you choose during the purchase process to see the password page again.

Click here to see the password page again.

Naughty Strip Poker - College Edition Screen Shot:

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