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Naughty Strip Poker - Dealer’s Choice

Posted by Lifer on February 26th, 2015 10:58 pm

Naughty Strip Poker - Dealer’s Choice

What would you say if a drop dead beautiful… ultra sexy babe says she would bet you anything that she can beat you at 5 card draw Naughty Strip Poker?

Ola… Hello… Ante Up Gentlemen!!

Heartbreak Software is proud to present one of it’s finest Naughty Strip Poker Games.

We took the design of the original Naughty Srip Poker Game and combined it with the philosophy that more is indeed better.

Naughty Strip Poker - Dealer’s Choice presents thirty gorgeous opponents who are just waiting to lose their “unmentionables”… but only if you have the skill, and perhaps enough luck, to win the goodies before your money runs out.

Do you really need another strip poker game? Oh yeah!! We makes these girls pay their debts. Strip means take it off… Baby! But don’t try to cheat.

Heartbreak Strip Poker can be played as a very enjoyable normal five card draw poker game… or you can spice up the action by playing in the naughty adult mode. It’s one thing to win at poker. It’s something else to win at a Naughty Strip Poker Game.

Naughty mode is restricted to users 18 years of age and older.

Program Size - Approximately 10.10 MB.

Download Naughty Strip Poker - Dealer’s Choice Here

Get a Naughty Strip Poker - Dealer’s Choice Password for only $9.95

Please Note the following:

This program does not require a separate download.

Click the “Get a Password Here” link to purchase a password.

The “Payment Option” says that this is a non-recurring purchase for two (2) days - That means that you will be charged only one time and you will have two days to view the password page.

You will also get the program password in an email message.

If you forgot the program password within two days of your purchase, click the link below and enter the user name and password you choose during the purchase process to see the password page again.

Click here to see the password page again.

Naughty Strip Poker - Dealers Choice Screen Shot:

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